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Unshaven FUE Hair transplant - FUE without shaving, or called the "no shave Follicular Unit Extraction U-FUE"

State of the art fue hairtransplant dr. mwamba brussels, belgium ( )
See Dr. Mwamba together with Andreas Krämer in front of the IHTI Institute of Dr. Cole in Atlanta/USA on the picture above

 Dr. Mwamba mit Andreas Krämer

Dr. Mwamba - One of the most experienced experts for FUE worldwide - FUE since 2002 - manual extraction

Next to Dr. Woods, the pioneer of the FUE method, and Dr. Cole Dr. Patrick Mwamba is one of the most experienced doctors worldwide performing FUE.

Dr. Mwamba is performing hair restoration in cooperation with Dr. Cole, one of the best and most respected experts for FUE in the USA, for almost 8 years at the IHTI Institute. He started to work with Dr. Cole in 2002 and is performing hair transplants on his behalf at Brussels/Belgium. 2006 he started his own clinic, the WHTC - World Hair Transplant Center

As a medical team Dr. Cole and Dr. Mwamba have become famous for numerous well-documented results (via FUE). Both have an excellent reputation in international blogs as well as in the worldwide hair transplant business as experts for hairlines and repair work. Dr. Mwamba also offers body hair transplantation (BHT) as well as part-shaving-procedures > FUE part shaves. One of the reasons for succeeding in good results is a very effective investigation of Dr. Mwamba in personal research and technicians to develop modern medical devices.

See some results by Dr. Cole / Dr. Mwamba at "Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Results Doctor Mwamba"

Dr. Cole about Dr. Mwamba in January 2007 on Hairsite:

"Dr. Patrick Mwamba assisted me as a surgical assistant in my office for over 8 years. During this period of time, he has been one of the most delightful individuals to work with. He is ethical, honest, punctual, and hardworking. He has great hands and a huge heart.

He is a licensed physician in Europe. He has extensive training in medicine and in hair transplant surgery. He is now performing hair transplant surgery in Europe on his own. I highly recommend him. Patrick is one of the finest individuals you can ever hope to meet. He is going to be one of the best hair transplant physicians you will ever find. His hot, personable, and professional personality commands a degree of respect so many patients have addressed him as Dr. Mwamba in my office. In our office in Georgia, however Patrick, we referred to him as. Dr. Mwamba can be seen for your hair loss needs and surgical solutions in Europe. His office is now open and he is taking appointments. Give him a call and opportunity to if you like. He will do his best to never let you down. In case you missed it, I can not say enough great stuff about Patrick. I am on the back end of my career. Patrick is on the front end of his. I'd highly consider him for your hair loss solutions."

FUE Hair Transplant without any type of shaving - "My U-FUE Classic"

Dr. Mwamba offering - as one of the first fue hair surgeons in the world -  an unshaven FUE hair transplant - the "My U-FUE Classic" - , what means no shaving in the recpient site and no shaving in the donor area. Because this method its very time intensive (only 500 Grafts can be transplanted within one day instead of 1000 Grafts with fue usual) this method is expensive. More infos please read:

Other cheaper possibilities > "U-FUE GJ Cut" and > "U-FUE Patchy shaven"

Dr. Mwamba offers also cheaper fue possibilites: 

My U-FUE Partly Shaven: No shave in the reception area, but a small strip of shaving in the donor area →

My U-FUE GJ Cut: No shave in the recpient area, but a complete shaving of the donor area →

Note: Basically with My U-FUE Hair transplants the hair in the recipient area must not be shaved

Some example of the work from Dr. Mwamba.

See below an fue hair transplant case with fue and 1943 Grafts. Dr. mwamba dense packed the receding hair line with 60 - 65 grafts per sqcm:

Example 1: 3515 Grafts with fue and without shaving the recipient area:

Example 1: 3515 Grafts with fue and without shaving the recipient area:

Example 2: 2000 Grafts with Fue and 2000 Grafts and also without shaving the recipient area:

Hair transplant visits by Andreas Krämer in Atlanta and Brussels, Belgium, with Dr. Mwamba and Dr. Cole
Dr. Mwamba during a procedure at Dr. Cole´s clinic in Atlanta/USA (together with Andreas Krämer)

Dr. Mwamba mit Andreas Krämer während "Live-Operation" in Atlanta bei Dr. Cole

 Some pictures from Dr. Mwamba together with Andreas Krämer in his clinic in Brussels, Belgium

 Dr. Mwamba mit Andreas Krämer während "Live-Operation" in Brüssel

Dr. Mwamba und Dr. Cole während der Operation - neben Andreas Krämer

Dr. Mwamba im Gespräch mit Andreas Krämer in Atlanta
Dr. Mwamba´s clinic in Brussels, Belgium

Räumlichkeiten Dr. Mwamba Brüssel 3
Räumlichkeiten Dr. Mwamba Brüssel 4 

Pricing – Cost calculation Dr. Mwamba (

My U-FUE Classic:

No shaving in the recipient and plus no shaving in the donor area: 10 € per graft

My U-FUE GJ Cut:

Recipient area long: 5.50 Euro per Graft

Complete shaving of the donor: 5 € per graft

My U-FUE Patchy Shaven:

Part shaving of the donor: 6 € per graft

Body Hair Transplantation:

Classical BHT (Redistribution of body hair): 6 € per graft 


Extractions with the PCID advice 20 % in principle (read more about the pcid here:

15 % discount photo release full face
10% discount photo release hidden face


My U-FUE Classic:

10 Euro per Graft, PCID Discount 20 % = 8 Euro per Graft, 15 % discount photo release full face = 6.80 Euro per Graft

My U-FUE complete shaving of the donor: 

5 Euro per Graft, PCID Discount 20 % = 4 Euro per Graft, 15 % discount photo release full face = 3.40 Euro per Graft

For further information about Dr. Mwamba and WHTC please write an email to or visit the website at >>> 

Read also about Dr. Michalis Georgiou in Cyrus, who is also offering a hair transplant without shaving head