Receding hairline - temples and hair transplant

Receding hairline and hair transplant

There are different patterns, progressions and types of hair loss influencing the individual appearance of patients.

A receding hairline begins at the temples on the front of the scalp and may be significant for increasing balding in the future. It is one of the specific characteristics for androgenic / inherited hair loss.

Hardly any man will enjoy the prospects for the future. Most of the people with receding hairlines feel uncomfortable and start treatment on the scalp to maintain a present status no matter what the public tells them about interesting effects of balding to the male appearance. In case of progressive balding many men will ask for effective and carefree answers. The first step will be a complete restoration of the frontal hairline.

Benefits of market

The hair restoration industry has realized needs and demands in the business and already launched numerous medical drugs against hair loss. Unfortunately the majority of these drugs remain ineffective.

How to treat receding hairlines

For years of research and experience a surgical hair restoration being performed by qualified hair surgeons remains the only effective treatment to human balding.

Examples/before-after-pictures: Receding hairline - temples  and hair transplant

Have a look at one of Dr. Feriduni´s patients. This young man is working as a fashion model. In a session with the FUE-method a total of 1906 follicular units have been transplanted to the receding hairline:



Dr. Heitmann in Zurich transplanted with the FUE-method hair transplant a total of 1300 follicular units to the receding hairline:



Dr. Mwamba - Brussels with an fue hair transplantation to the temples with 1943 Grafts and Dense Packing or rather an density from 65 follicular units per sqcm:



Dr. Özgür (Hairline-Clinic) - Ankara - Turkey transplanted 2500 Grafts via Follicular Unit Extraction to the reding hairline:



Dr. Koray in Istanbul - Turkey transplanted via FUE hair transplant 2000 Grafts to the receding hairline/temples:



Doktor Patrick Mwamba in Brussels with 1000 FU`s and fue hair transplant to the temples:



Doktor Lars Heitmann Dense Packing fue hair transplant to the temples/receding hairline with 60 FU`s per sqcm. Follicular Units transplanted in amount: 1200:



Doktor Bijan Feriduni in Hasselt with 812 Grafts and the fue hair transplantation: