Natural hairlines

As been explained in the chapter "follicular units" hair grows in natural groupings (follicular units - FU`s ) of 1 to 4 hairs each. Exceptional cases may contain up to 5 hairs.

The front feathered hairline zone is naturally composed of single follicular units with 1 hair each. This natural outcome can be experienced via microscope.

Due to outdated micrografting the final results of hair restoration in the hairline appeared unnatural since a bundle of 7 hairs were placed into the frontal area. (see "bad hair transplants" ).

One of the major issues of modern surgical hair restoration is to avoid multi-grafts with more than 1 hair within the frontal hairline zone. Any placing of more than pure single-grafts may result in redundant coverage and unnatural outcomes.

Furthermore both angle and direction of hair growth has to be placed precisely. Naturally hair grows in alternating and irregular densities and arrangements.

Example 1 - Before - After / close-ups hairline





Example 2 - Before - front:

Vor der Haartransplantation - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

Example 2 - After - front:

 Nach der Haartransplantation - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

Example 2 - after - hairline - close up

Nach der Haartransplantation Haarlinie von näher - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

With "Dense Packing" a large number of follicular units can be replaced to a limited area

Hairline post transplant with 70 FU´s per square centimeter / "dense-packed"

Haarlinie nach Haartransplantation - dichte Verpackung (dense packing) - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

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