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Dr. John Cole

Starting in 1990 as a hair surgeon Dr. John P. Cole (see also: has established his private clinic in Atlanta, USA, after graduating as a medical doctor from University. Being fundamentally inspired by Dr. Masumi Inaba´s work to individually isolate hair follicles he devoted his practical work to the development of modern methods for hair restoration targeting a less invasive method to harvest single follicles from the donor area.

Eventually figuring as a pioneer for FUE, the latest-state-of-the-art method (Follicular Unit Extracation) for hair transplant, he eagerly started to refine his method to isolate hair follicles individually involving the use of specifically designed instruments. The CIT ® (Cole Isolation Technique) being a proprietary of Dr. Cole allows maximal graft survival and results in natural and aesthetically pleasing outcomes as it is possible to exclusively "cherry-pick" grafts from a wider range of the donor area. 

Continuing with the development of presicion instruments targeting a higher accuracy and a better efficiency Dr. John Cole has been leading research in surgical tools for both the harvesting and the restoration process. By utilizing the Lateral-Slit-Method for placing follicular units in the recipient site he gradually achieved leadership in the development of finest medical devices. The techniques offered at his clinics are Donor-Recharging, FUE- Hair Transplant, BHT (Body Hair Transplant) and more. As only a few among other hair surgeons performing Body Hair Transplant (such as Dr. Özgür at Ankara, Turkey) his method has even proven efficiency with numerous patients not qualifying for a regular scalp hair transplant. 

In 2006, the first time I could convince me of the excellent quality of its services.

Andreas Krämer und Dr. John P. Cole 2006

Andreas Krämer left, Dr. John Cole on the right, 2006 in Atlanta, USA

His latest technique, the Cole Isolation Technique (CITTM) essentially features a progress in precise depth control mechanism involving high-quality instruments for the extraction of hair follicles. With the use of advanced technologies such as the PCID, an electronic device to delicately extract follicular units from the donor area, any individual variability can precisely be managed over a ramp allowing the physician to select between unlimited optional settings following the personal characteristics of the patient´s hair and skin. The PCID allows for rotation, oscillation and roto-oscillation. Dr. John P. Cole has invented and continually improved his technical equipment for hair restoration. His medical tools are available at Coleinstruments. Everyone being curious about his latest technologies is invited to get informed at www.coleinstruments.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Training from Dr. John Cole to other hair surgeons and physicians

Dr. Cole emphatically wants other physicians to reach highest standards with both their instruments and their technique. This is why he is currently passing along all his knowledge and experience to other hair surgeons on fue workshops, hand-on training and live surgery demonstrations. He has publicly performed hair transplants at Denver, Brussels, South Korea, Bangkok, New Dehli and Instanbul and is often attending the Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery meeting. Former surgical assistants at his clinics have been Jean Devorye, Dr. Mwamba and Christian Bisanga, all of them now figuring prominently as noted hair surgeons. 

Dr. John P. Cole, MD, has been awarded by the Italian Society with the Archimedes Award and the Michaelangelo Award, by the Dermal Hair International Group with the DHI Bronze Medal (2000) and the DHI Gold Medal in (2002), by the ISHRS with Golden Follicle Award in 2013 and three further ISHRS awards. He is member of the most important international societies for hair transplant worldwide.

Hair Transplant Surgery Trainingcenter Ankara Turkey: Hair Restoration Training, FUE Workshop, Live Training, Training Course

Every physician is invited to attend personal training at his recently together with the Hairlineclinic of Dr. Özgür and Hairforlife opened Hair Transplant Surgery Training-Center in Turkey, Ankara. In conjunction with Dr. Özgür and the FUE-Hairline-Clinic as well as with Hairforlife training can be scheduled regularly to learn about advanced methods for hair transplant and high-quality products being developed and distributed by Dr. Cole. 

Hair Transplant Trainingcenter Hairlineclinic & Dr. John Cole Ankara

From left: Gökhan Dogan / Clinic Manager of the Hairline Clinic, Dr. Khan, Dr. Cole, Dr. Özgür, Andreas Krämer / Hairforlife, Dr. Akin and employees from the Hairline Clinic

PCID - Dr. John Cole und Andreas Krämer

Andreas Krämer left, Dr. John Cole on the right, during a clinic visit by Dr. John Cole in the Hairline Clinic of Dr. Ozgur in Ankara in January 2015

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