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Dr. John P. Cole (USA), Dr. Özgür Öztan (Turkey, FUE Hairline Clinic) and Hairforlife (Switzerland) are now presenting Hands-on Practice, FUE Workshops and Training for Physicians, doctors and hair surgeons 

Hair Transplant Trainingcenter Hairlineclinic & Dr. John Cole Ankara

From left: Gökhan Dogan / Clinic Manager of the Hairline Clinic, Dr. Khan, Dr. Cole, Dr. Özgür, Andreas Krämer / Hairforlife, Dr. Akin and employees from the Hairline Clinic

Hair transplant featuring a substantial part of the beauty industry is currently gaining interest and relevance since men are sensitively responding to all kinds of hair loss due to aesthetical reasons. Not only is it of particular matter for males, also an increasing number of women is showing interest for hair transplants according to rising requests at numerous clinics of noted physicians. Aesthetical appearance, natural beauty and attractiveness are significantly associated with power and self-confidence being effectively disseminated by the media.

Hair loss has no longer to be accepted as an irreversible fact since hair restoration is now being offered in many countries for those who suffer from inherited balding. Unfortunately the final results of patients undergoing a hair transplant vary from excellent to very poor. The quality of a hair surgeon is determined by a high technical standard, years of experience and a never ending interest in the development of methods and techniques. As outdated methods for hair transplant are still available it is necessary to opt for the latest-state-of-the-art technique avoiding emotional distress and great embarrassment of the patients lately. Hair transplant patients with poor results are often displaying visible scars or unnatural appearance due to unprofessional treatment. Even hair transplants performed with modern methods are often leading to lower yields in hair growth and unnaturally designed hairlines when being performed by hair surgeons lacking all necessary training and skills. As an undetectable outcome and a natural density always have to be achieved with every hair transplant it is important to find experienced hair surgeons.

FUE Hair Transplant Training and FUE Surgery Workshops 

The number of physicians, doctors and hair surgeons qualifying for professionality, excellency and permanent success is limited worldwide. Among them are two specialists being awarded and appreciated for both their results and their skills worldwide: Dr. John Peter Cole, MD, (USA) and Dr. Özgür Öztan (Ankara, Turkey). Both are noted hair surgeons and interested in high quality standards. This is why they have decided to pass along all their knowledge, experience and skills to other physicians being interested in the latest technologies and methods for hair transplant.

Dr. Özgür Oztan, Dr. Akin, Dr. Khan, Dr. Cole

From left: Dr. Özgür, Dr. Akin, Dr. Khan, Dr. Cole

Dr.Özgür and Dr. cole

From left during the hair transplant: Dr. Cole and Dr. Özgür in the middle and right employees of the Hairline Clinic

Andreas Krämer, Dr. Cole, Dr. Özgür, Dr. Khan, Gökhan Dogan

From left during the hair transplant: Andreas Krämer of Hairforlife, Dr. Khan, Dr. Özgür, Dr. Cole, clinic staff and Gökhan Dogan (Manager of the Hairline Clinic) 

Hands-on practice, training courses and fue workshops for modern hair restoration will be given to physicians and medical practioners at the new Hair Transplant Trainingcenter in Ankara, Turkey, to learn the latest state-of-the-art methods FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and BHT (Body Hair Transplant). Attending physicians and medical assistants will comprehensively be trained in various techniques and learn different types of extraction methods from the famous hair surgeons. Visiting doctors will graduate with the practical knowledge of minimal invasive techniques to perform hair transplants for their clients and learn about the latest medical instruments and products for utilization during a procedure. A cozy and inviting atmosphere will await you in the technically well equipped Trainingcenter to practice hair transplants, efficiently use a variety of contemporary surgical instruments and learn how to achieve best results 

Courses can be arranged in groups. Furthermore limited courses for one-to-one training are possible at request. Depending on the physician´s personal experience and areas of interest courses may be held specifically from 1 day to 1 month in length. 

Hair Transplant Trainingcenter: Details

Every attendance at the training courses of the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter (read more about the Team of the new Hair Transplant Training Center will be scheduled as a practical program with patients. Participants will practically be instructed and trained in the latest state-of-the-art methods allowing the complete utilization of all medical tools being provided by the Trainingcenter. Both the Hairline Clinic in Ankara and Hairforlife will ensure patient availability for every scheduled training course excluding any liability of the trainees. Patients at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter are opting for hair transplantation voluntarily and will comprehensively be informed about the circumstances of the training.

Courses can be scheduled for both physicians and their medical assistants since the whole team of a clinic is essentially contributing to the final success of every hair transplant. However, the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter in Ankara is regularly providing enough professional and courteous staff for the training program. Any attendance at the courses is not subjected to further nurses or medical assistants of the visiting physician.

Training Information

The training courses at the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter include a wide-ranging syllabus of specific topics. The program covers both general and theoretical principles of modern hair restoration as well as the practical utilization of various medical instruments being provided by the Trainingscenter. Individual techniques for the extraction and the restoration process will be trained on patients. The main contents are:

- Basic principles of modern hair transplant methods
- Procedure review and preoperative diagnosis
- Patient Evaluation / Determination of Donor Hair Use / Medical approach and Procedure Plan
- FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and BHT (Body Hair Transplant) as modern methods for hair transplants
- Detailed principles of FUE and BHT
- Harvesting Process / Donor Hair / Body Hair (e.g. beard and chest)
- Utilization of the FUE-Punch
- Manual extraction of follicular units from the donor
- Manual extraction of follicular units from selected body regions
- Motorized Extraction
- Preparation of the grafts / Graft care
- Creating the recipient site / Incisions (including methods like Lateral Slit, Needles, Micro Blades)
- Naturally designed hair lines, placement of the grafts, hair angling, hair densities
- Medical assistance before and during the procedure
- Wound care and treatment post procedure

Topic: FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction 

The main part of the training courses will be focused on the variety of different instruments for the extraction process via FUE and BHT. Both manual and motorized FUE extractors will be presented and applied on patients during attendance. Every medical instrument will be provided by the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter during the program. As there are numerous punches available for motorized extraction of follicular units every visiting physician will also learn to use a new machine of Coleinstruments being personally developed by Dr. John Cole. Being manufactured in the USA the PCID FUE Extractor offers an advanced device for the extraction process to highly value the complexities and variability between all patients.

As for manual punch all extraction methods, such as donor hair and body hair, will be within the spectrum of the training syllabus.

Topic: BHT - Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) currently offers a viable option for those who suffer from insufficient donor supply or advanced degree of hair loss. Furthermore patients displaying a scar as a result of a former strip surgery (FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant) can opt for BHT to camouflage or disguise an unnatural appearance. Body Hair Transplant can also be performed on patients for old plug repair or eyebrow transplant. For Body Hair Transplant (BHT) beard and chest hair are preferably used. To finally achieve an aesthetically pleasing outcome Body Hair Transplant has to be performed technically correct demanding artful skills and long experience of the hair surgeon.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is not widely practiced in clinics as the number of experienced physicians for this technique is limited. Currently this method is successfully performed by only a small amount of skilled hair surgeons worldwide as it is very labor-intensive and highly demanding. With BHT single follicular units with one hair only can regularly be harvested with special instruments from selected parts of the human body featuring a lower yield than regular donor hair. Furthermore diameter, structure and growth cycle are different from that of regular donoar hair. Dr. Cole and Dr. Özgür are practically involved in the technique as they are performing Body Hair Transplants regularly.


The training seminars take place in Ankara (Turkey) at the FUE Hairline Clinic. Attending participants / visiting doctors will be accommodated by the clinical management with daily transfer to the courses. Costumer care will be provided. The training packet also includes accommodation and transfer.


Each graduate of the training program will receive a certificate being confirmed by the organizing doctors of the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter.

Dr. John P. Cole and Dr. Özgür Öztan are members of the ISHRS, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, representing one of the most important societies for hair surgeons worldwide.


All instructors of the Hair Tranplant Trainingcenter in Ankara - Turkey are known for their excellency and highest quality with hair transplants worldwide. Teaching hair surgeons of the Hair Transplant Trainingcenter have many years of experience and are successfully performing hair transplants regularly. Many of them like Dr. Cole have been awarded for their artful and natural results in patients gaining the respect and international reputation of the hair transplant industry.

Dr. John P. Cole (USA) is globally known as a pioneer for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) currently representing the state-of-the-art method for hair restoration. After graduating from Mercer University, Medical College of Georgia and University of Missouri with medical degrees, he opened his own practice for hair restoration in Atlanta, USA. Being inspired by the early work of Dr. Masumi Inaba in the 1980ies to individually isolate follicular units he decided to focus on this method very soon. In the 1990ies Dr. Cole started with FUE refining it to his personal proprietary method CIT ® (Cole Isolation Technique) lately featuring a minimally invasive technique to harvest hair follicles. After larger scars resulting from outdated methods of hair transplant have caused great embarrassment with patients and older plug-style have all the more been reason for emotional distress Dr. John Cole has been leading research to isolate follicular units with modern technologies and constantly developed new instruments to achieve a high-quality standard with every procedure.

He is member of numerous societies for hair restoration such as the American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ASHRS), the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Dr. Cole has been awarded three ISHRS research awards. Along with Jean Devroye, he was awarded the top poster award in 2001 for their poster titled, “Computer Applications in Hair Transplantation”. In 2013 Dr. Cole received one of the highest honors from the ISHRS when he became one of only 19 physicians to receive the Golden Follicle for outstanding contributions to the field of hair restoration surgery.

Dr. John P. Cole started early to pass along his knowledge and experience by regularly attending workshops, teaching at seminars and hair transplant live-demonstrations recently be performed in Denver, Brussels, South Korea, Bangkok, New Delhi and Istanbul. Numerous hair surgeons have been visiting Dr. Cole for advanced training.

As only a few instruments for FUE have been available in the early years one particular focus of Dr. John P. Cole has always been the development and manufacture of finest medical tools to meet highest standards. Cole Instruments has already become a brand name for advanced technology in the hair transplant industry.

Dr. Özgür Öztan (Turkey) has focused on modern hair restoration early. In 2003 he opened the FUE- Hairline Clinic in Ankara, Turkey, with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) being the latest state-of-the-art method for hair transplant. Being specialized on the use of finest instruments featuring FUE-punches for manual extraction with 0,6mm to 0,9mm in diameter Dr. Özgür has figured prominently in the hair transplant industry early for his excellency and accuracy. As one of only a few physicians he is constantly performing BHT (Body Hair Transplant) on patients with insufficient hair supply. Furthermore he has successfully done numerous repairs for those having undergone a bad hair transplant earlier. Plug repair and scar revision as much as beard hair transplant are among his regular areas of activity.

Dr. Özgür Öztan has almost trained other physicians to pass along his personal skills and experience and is regularly using manual punch methods to effectively yield in the best outcome possible.

The FUE Hairline Clinic, Turkey, is professionally managed by Goekhan Dogan (Switzerland). In close cooperation with clinics in Dubai and Thailand Goekhan Dogan supports famous hair transplant clinics. By regularly organizing patient coordination and market development his strategic concepts are now leading to closer conjunctions with noted hair surgeons and clinics worldwide. His main focus currently lies in operational support of globally operating clinics for plastic surgery, developing reliable business cooperations on mutual trust, consulting and personnel management. Furthermore regular training of the medical staff lies within his spectrum contributing to excellent standards in the clinics. Mr. Dogan has achieved essential knowledge through regular clinic visits worldwide and attendance at international congresses for hair transplant.

Hairforlife is a famous and noted institute for consulting and patient support. The owner of Hairforlife, Andreas Krämer, is professionally working as a worldwide consultant for hair loss and hair restoration methods for over 10 years. Hairforlife is cooperating with numerous clincis and hair surgeons to meet the patients´expectations for high quality and modern technologies. Andreas Krämer regularly appears in german speaking TV channels (SWR, SAT1, 3SAT, ARD, Tele Zuri, Swiss Television pulse, ZDF Drehscheibe, N24) to inform about latest developments for hair restoration and the business standards (read more about hairforlife in media: His knowledge and experience as a consultant for hair transplant is regularly inquired by print media (including magazins like "Der Spiegel", Hamburg). Andreas Krämer is regularly attending international congresses for hair restoration and has achieved embarrassing knowledge through clinic visits worldwide including the complete observations of all clinical operations. Hairforlife is an free counseling center for hair transplants. High quality standards and modern techniques are of particular concern for Andreas Krämer.

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