Reconstructive Hair Restoration - Surgical Hair Transplant

Reconstructive Hair Restoration - Surgical Hair Transplant

Whereas common hair restoration defines the balding process as inherited hair loss the reconstructive hair restoration marks another aspect in hair transplant since it deals with patients who have lost parts of their hair through illness, accident, radiation or other circumstances. Patients undergoing hair loss through accident, inflammation or medical treatment often suffer eminently as parts of their scalp appear unnatural. Hair restoration is the best way to help those people find their way back to normal life.

Unfortunately many patients cannot afford a hair transplant since the treatment costs are not covered by health insurance.

"Dr. Bijan Feriduni Foundation" for Reconstructive Hair Restoration

Dr. Bijan Feriduni (, a leading surgeon for hair restoration, established the "Feriduni Foundation" for Reconstructive Hair Restoration in 2005. The purpose of the foundation is to reimburse the rates for one single hair transplant per month to people falling victim to accidental hair loss.

Watch two videos showing successful results of reconstructive hair restoration performed by Dr. Feriduni.

Video 1

In this video a 6 years old boy will be seen. He had experienced hair loss due to an accident while having a fondue dinner. A total of 3022 grafts have been transplanted in two procedures via FUT.

Video 2

In this video a 32-year-old patient will be seen suffering visible scarring and extensive hair loss on the scalp as well as on his eyebrows after a fire accident with sunflower oil. The first step to be taken was performing a scalp reduction, in which an ellipse of bald skin has been removed to reduce the recipient area for a following transplant. During the procedure a total of 2884 follicular units have been transplanted via FUT hair transplant using 200 follicular units for the reconstruction of the eyebrows only.