Hair Transplant of the personal trainer Alexander Gaier with Dr. Heitmann in Zurich Switzerland

As reported here on Hairforlife, the SWR showed two reports in various formats with the subject of hair loss and hair restoration. The report from 05.09 in SWR "Schlaglicht" can be found here:  and the report from 10.09 in SWR Marktcheck here: http://www

Alexander Gaier has kindly provided us with some images of his current hair situation 8 months after FUE with Dr. Lars Heitmann .

More recent pictures and information about Alexander Gaier you can find on his website: .

However keep in mind that this is not the final result. Further information on the course of growth after a hair transplant can be found here:

With the hair situation after 8 months alexander is already happy.

A recent photo of Alexander Gaier :


Some pictures after his first strip surgery:


Some pictures 8 months after the second fue hair transplant with Dr. Lars Heitmann in Zurich - Switzerland:

Result 1Result 2Result 3

Two comparison pictures. Left the hair situation after the first strip hair transplant and right the hair situation 8 month after the second hair transplant with fue and Dr. Lars Heitmann in Zurich - Switzerland:
Compare 1Compare 2