Follicular Unit Extraction & Follicular Unit Insertion (FUE - FUI)

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction describes the latest state-of-the-art-method to be currently performed for hair restoration. Unlike the FUT-technique no piece of tissue is removed from the scalp. By using only fine hollow needles/punches single follicular units (FU) can be removed individually from the donor site as well as from other parts of the body.

This method does not leave the patient with a long linear scar on the donor site. Keeping the focus on both the FUT- and the FUE-method it has often lead to larger discussions whether little scars can be detected around the scalp or not. By using the FUE-method every patient has more freedom about hair style and can wear even shorter hair than patients after a FUT-procedure. This is why many people call this method a "scarless"-technique since only individual follicles are removed from the back of the scalp.

Follicular Units

Follicular Units

On the picture above you can see that hair grows in naturally occurring groupings. A follicular unit is the term to be used for bundles between 1 and 4/5 hair (average of 2,2 hair). 

During the FUE process these natural groupings are removed individually and delicately by the use of a fine hollow punch (FUE manuel punch).

post op fue

See a removed follicular unit next to the hollow punch:

follicular unit

See several follicular units after removal via FUE:

Follicular Units
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The FUE-method also can be used to place grafts/follicular units on existing scars. On this picture you can see a patient with 243 follicular units being removed and relocated precisely into the lower scar.

fue in scar

See the donor area of chest-hair to be transplanted via FUE:

BHT Grafts


Positive aspects about FUE & FUI are:

- high growing yield in case the hair transplant has been performed by specialized, experienced and qualified surgeons

- high density since single follicular units/grafts (FU) are tiny enough to be placed next to each other

- minimal invasive method

- more freedom about the long-term hair cut (hair can be cut longer or very short)

- no skin tissue to be excised and transplanted

- body hair can be transplanted in case there is not enough donor supply

- no visible scaring

- diminished healing time

Negative aspects of FUE are (in simple terms):

- the procedure is more time consuming

- restricted amount of grafts to be transplanted per day

- higher cost calculation and pricing

- only few surgeons are currently dominating this method as specialists

- in most of the cases full shaving is required