Hair transplant Hair restoration for women

Hair transplant may even be performed on women experiencing hair loss. Prior to any hair transplant procedure it is necessary to clarify the medical diagnosis whether the reason for existing balding depends on genetic predisposition (alopecia androgenic) or if there are other patterns and reasons for hair loss. If inherited balding is the reason for hair loss a fundamental hair restoration can help women to receive higher density. One major advantage is the fact that inherited hair loss does not lead to full balding regularly with women. That is why the donor area can be harvested much better to create higher densities on the recipient zone.

Hair transplant for women - results before / after - images

Women – 1st example (operating surgeon: Dr. Bijan Feriduni ):

Before hair transplant - front:

After hair transplant - front:
After front

Before hair transplant – left site:

After hair transplant – left site:
Before hair transplant – right site:
After hair transplant – right site:
Women – 2nd example (operating surgeon: Dr. Lars Heitmann):
Before hair transplant - front:
Before front
After hair transplant - from:
After front
Before hair transplant - from above:
before front 2

After hair transplant from above:

After front 2
As may be seen on the pictures surgical hair restoration can even be performed on females with outstanding results. Among other aspects it is important to choose a surgeon having experience with hair transplant on other females.