Hair Transplant Forums and Blogs: Evaluating Clinics and Surgeons on the Web / Recommendations / Misjudgments

Over many years Hairforlife has successfully developed reliable business collaborations with a huge number of notable and famous specialists for hair transplant. Beyond our close cooperations with hair transplant surgeons and clinics everyone can expect further recommendations and professional advice for a bigger number of experienced hair surgeons since I had the chance to create a common basis of mutual trust between Hairforlife and reputable clinics worldwide through my long-lasting activities as an independent consultant.

Following next I will give you a brief summary of regular misunderstandings and misinterpretations while evaluating hair transplant surgeons on the web as they used to occur in a signifcant manner due to an enormous lack of fundamental information.

Men and women suffering from hairloss and showing interest in the hair transplant business most often search the web on distincitive hairloss-forums to inform themselves about similiar patterns and cases, share experiences, find out about the results of hair transplants and get a personal evaluation of chances and prospects. There is hardly any other social platform offering more help and information than a typical hair transplant/hairloss forum.

Unfortunately a big part of personal hair transplant-reports on the web reveal the momentum of a present status only. Presenting a snap-shot often leads to wrong interpretations about something very important and irreversible for your own situation. Let me give you some details and examples to show you how important it is to distinguish right from wrong:

Many personal reports often start with emphatic statements and images about the results of an individual hair transplant. Unfortunately a large number of those personal reports are not being finished lately and thus leaving others uninformed about the final results of the procedure. This often leaves a wrong impression about the quality and the work of the surgeon. It is the more dissatisfying as some of these cases are particularly documenting slow initial hair growth with patients emphatically complaining about a possible bad result. As no one actually knows about the final progress the whole report will probably manifest negative impressions about the clinic and its doctor. However many questions are not being answered such as:

• What is the final result after one year (12 months)?
• Did the patient possibly need some repair-hair transplant lately?
• If so - what has been the ultimate effect of the repair-transplant on the overall result?
• What does it tell us about the doctor and did he fairly act for goodwill?

Uncompleted reports and badly illustrated information are not helpful for patients being interested in a hair transplant and often lead to an unfavourable presentation of the clinic and its doctor
having no chance for rectification. As this does not reveal the entire truth about the whole process the reputation of the physician will suffer from inappropriate judgment. Each medical treatment can only be performed to the best of a doctor´s knowledge and believes using professional diligence based on his studies and personal experience. As in most parts of human life there is no fundamental guarantee for perfection and final success. To be honest: wherever humans are acting some unprecedented circumstances may lead to mistakes or failures. No matter how many years a surgeon is performing hair transplants: there is always a certain risk for failures. But as a matter of fact there is an obvious chance to successfully compensate influencing criteria with well-trained and highly experienced doctors regularly.

Furthermore only part of the whole process is depending on the physician's personal quality as other circumstances may also influence the final result:

• changes in the staff of the medical team may temporarily affect the daily routine of others
sickness figures in the team may often influence the routine of the attending staff due to unforeseen work
new methods to optimize the procedure often need time to get used to and may influence the daily routine
modern techniques as much as new medical equipment may turn to be inadequate for the time being as they have not been proven sufficiently and initially lead to dissatisfaction.

These are - among others - a few circumstances which may influence the procedure and lower the chances of a successful outcome. Some unexpected criteria being easily accepted with more tolerance while attending other doctors, e.g. a skin doctor, are very often regarded as unacceptable when undergoing a hair transplant. Little failure with plastic surgeries or hair transplants is easily identified as deficiency in the working progress or a fundamental lack of professional skills.

Professionally experienced and well-trained hair surgeons have proven excellency over many years giving them a specific public reputation. An outstanding reputation can not easily be achieved, neither without hard and successful work nor with money. Everyone being interested in hair transplant should keep this in mind when evaluating hair surgeons. A single failure or bad result does not justify extensive criticism on the surgeon´s work since the majority of previous hair transplants have proven the quality and artistry of his professional skills. On the other hand an abundant number of satisfying results unfortunately have not been documented on public platforms as most of these patients don´t want to publish their individual outcome. This is why individual presentations of personal hair transplants in forums are not representative and necessarily not appropriate to inform yourself objectively and get a realistic view about the doctor´s work and quality. Very often essential parts of individually documented cases will not be published. There is also high demand for protecting private data as many clinics are not allowed to disclose a patient's picture without permission. Furthermore the majority of excellent surgeons will not find enough time to browse forums regularly and answer or contribute to misunderstanding or complaining statements made by single patients. Eventually the majority of repair cases are not being published on the web. Many physicians are fairly offering another free hair transplant to achieve a better final outcome since the first procedure has not lead to a satisfying result. Any individual agreement upon goodwill procedures are of sensitive matter and afford a higher level of confidence to create mutual trust between patient and doctor. For fairness reasons it cannot be shared with the public.

What does this mean for consultations with Hairforlife and people seeking advice?

Every clinic or surgeon Hairforlife is cooperating with ensures a common basis of trust and satisfying results. When asking for a personal consultation with Hairforlife I will assure quality and experience as our company does not have any cooperation with unserious clinics or surgeons!

Over the years the quality of clinics and surgeons may change. This may happen due to modern technical equipment, a growing experience or another medical staff supporting the daily work of a clinic. To ensure a permanent standard of high quality with all the physicians Hairforlife is cooperating with we are regularly visiting and inspecting our clinics and doctors.

Every patient has the choice to unaffectedly decide for the right surgeon by himself as much as he has the right to change his mind if any concerns or uncertainties may arise. But no matter what surgeon / clinic you choose: no one of us is able to provide final or valid guarantees. We kindly ask you to take your time before making your decision in order to get comprehensive information which is not merely based on current reports on the web as they do not reveal the entire truth and reality of the business. Hairforlife is looking forward to offering you support since we have a common aim: we all want best results with every hair transplant and satisfied patients!