What does a hair transplant cost?

About Doctors/Clinics, Cost and Price

As there are numerous clinics and surgeons worldwide performing hair transplants a large number of varying techniques, methods, experiences, results and prices classify the results of successful hair restoration.

A detailed review of clinics & surgeons - Minimize the risks

As a free and independent consultant for hair transplant I am involved with hair restorations for years. It is my personal interest to propose only the best, experienced and specialized surgeons for hair restoration who will fulfill every individual need of the patient.

Minimize the risks: Select experienced experts - it is not only a factor of cost and price

I personally visit every clinic and surgeon I am will propose to patients undergoing hair loss (see also clinic visits of Andreas Krämer ). During my visit at every clinic I have the opportunity to assist and watch a surgical procedure, control the results and have a closer look at every device being used during the hair transplant procedure. I also take very much interest in hygienic conditions and the selection of employees. Be sure that there will be a long way of examination prior to any recommendation I make to the public as I will only propose experienced experts for hair transplants.

Clinics / surgeons worldwide

As an independent consultant for hair transplant (no exclusive contracts with clinics or hospitals!) I am free to visit clinics for hair restoration around the globe regularly (see also clinic visits of Andreas Krämer ). I can propose surgeons and clinics appropriate to the patient and his individual hair status since I entered numerous international clinics into my personal portfolio.

To provide help and consultation for every individual need you have, such as which surgeon or method to select, the number of grafts to be transplanted, your personal time schedule and an individual cost calculation covering your personal requirements, I would kindly ask you to send me an email attached with some images of your scalp or simply fill in the consultation form at >> /en/online-consultation/

Let me give you a list of surgeons I regularly recommend:

Dr. Lars Heitmann 

Dr. Patrick Mwamba 

Hairline Clinic Dr. Özgür / Dr. Akin 

Dr. Koray Erdogan

Dr. Bijan Feriduni

Among other cooperation agreements with clinics worldwide I provide personal contact and scheduled consultation to Dr. Mwamba and Dr. Heitmann.

Due to my personal contact to many clinics and surgeons I have the opportunity to influence negotiations between surgeons and patients on issues like warranty in case of complaint or goodwill repair work. I can even contribute positively to hair transplant methods since my experience is constantly rising. 

Please note: every individual hair status may require a different surgeon or hair transplant method!

Each patient's case has to be judged individually and may require a different treatment, physician and method due to personal conditions which can differ from other patients´ needs. To find the best treatment for your personal needs I can choose from several clinics/doctors being personally visited and examined in the past. I have no exclusive contracts with clinics or hospitals for recommendations or proposals.

The Cost and Price of a hair transplant

Each clinic has its individual cost calculation and thus offers different prizing based on the individual amount of grafts being opted as well as on the transplant method. Some of the clinics offer discounts calculated on certain conditions such as flexibility to cancelled appointments or your personal willingness to contribute to the clinic´s gallery for before/after images of patients. 

Examples of the cost and price:

FUT (strip & FUI) according to country and number of grafts:

  • € 1.50 to 3.50 / CHF 2.50 - 5, 78 per graft

FUE (FUE & FUI) according to country and number of grafts:

  • € 2.50 to 5.00 / CHF 3.30 - 8.25 per graft

Feel free to ask for detailed pricing according to your personal requirements! Make use of the consultation form and attach some images of your scalp.