Body Hair Transplantation - Bodyhairtransplant (BHT)

When there is extensive baldness or the patients donor reserves are limited it is possible to transplant body hair (BHT) via FUE onto the balding zone.

During a BHT procedure the requested number of follicular units is removed from several parts of the body such as the chest, legs, beard or the back to be redistributed to the balding area on the scalp.

As scientific research of BHT has not evolved sufficient and satisfyingly the growing yield rather differs from normal hair transplant where grafts are relocated from the donor area on the scalp. Furthermore there is only a small amount of surgeons who offer this method (such as the HLC Clinic of Dr. Özgür or Dr. Patrick Mwamba ). Nevertheless some good and outstanding results have been achieved until now.

Apparently some of the transplanted body-hairs change their characteristics when being relocated to the scalp. In some cases transplanted body hair has grown longer than it used to do on its former area.