Failed Hair transplant Hair restoration Istanbul Turkey

1st example for bad hair transplant in Turkey - Istanbul


(When performed by some good and specialized surgeons the results may occur much better. Watch the following website for good and successful results on hair restoration: Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul Dr. Özgür or Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul Dr. Koray )

The patient shown has undergone a bad hair transplant - hair restoration (receding hairline) via the mini-/micrografting-method in September 2004. The hairtransplantation clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and well known for bargain offers around Turkey. By having a closer look you can notice quite easily that the grafts have been relocated in the wrong direction as hair grows completely unnatural. Furthermore too many grafts have been placed into one single slit which leads to a lower density and eventually would not affect a natural outcome. As a matter of fact this example for failed hair transplants/hair restorations gives the meaning of "excellent quality"!

Failed Hair transplant Istanbul Turkey