Follicular units - Natural groupings of hair

Follicular units - Natural groupings of hair


Fundamental research on hair loss has identified human´s hair to be consisting of follicular units occurring in natural groupings containing 1 to 4 hair follicles each.


A natural density varies between 65 FU (follicular units) and 110 FU per square centimeter. The apparent density naturally changes between different scalp areas from the back to the sides (ears).

As a matter of fact only 50 FU´s per square centimeter have been found next to the ears on the average patient whereas the back side of the fringe was often covered with more than 110 FU´s (follicular units) per square centimeter.

Modern methods of hair transplant such as the strip surgery (FUT) or the single follicular unit extraction (FUE) including the follicular unit insertion (FUI) are isolating single follicular units (grafts) to cover balding areas on the scalp.

For the purpose of a naturally and aesthetically pleasing hairline several more things are to be considered (see also "Natural hairlines ").