Financing of Hairforlife - Complimentary consultations

Any consultations at HAIRFORLIFE are absolutely free of charge and without further commitments for my patients (But please read below about possibly longer waiting time and also about the Preffered option - reply and case assessment within 3 days for a small fee of 50 Euro)!
All my services are complimentary for the clients / patients. Incurring personal expenses, as by global clinic visits, research, internet, phone calls etc, need to be paid by myself. All the clinics and physicians I stay in contact with will gain interest of new patients through the placement and recommendation I do. I will personally receive a placement fee by the clinics or surgeons which will not be passed on to patients. All my services will be paid by the clinics without charging the patients. In simple terms: the clinics save costs for consulting, marketing and acquisitions. These savings will be passed on to me. This is why my services and consulting are complimentary for you.
Through my work as a free and independent consultant any clinic will receive new patients and save money for advertising and consulting as this reflects part of my personal work through the internet, search engines (e.g. „Google“) and by public appearances in the media (see also /en/media/). My services will not influence the rates for hair transplants as every patient has to pay the same prize whether an appointment at a clinic is made by him personally or by HAIRFORLIFE. Patients will have no further costs with my services. 
To your personal benefit I will offer you a professional service via online consultation, you will profit from my personal experience and knowledge, get personal support before and after hair transplant and eventually get in contact with experienced and highly skilled hair surgeons. I will review your final result via pictures (online) and be able to emphatically influence negotiations between surgeons and patients on issues like warranty in case of complaint or goodwill repair.
The patient´s comfort, satisfying results and a choice for the best standards have high priority at Hairforlife. Hairforlife cares for the patient´s welfare as I propose excellent clinics for hair transplant only. When opting for a hair transplant Hairforlife will kindly ask you to inform us about any detail of the procedure. We want to constantly stay in contact with you until the final result of the hair transplant is evident. Any customer´s feedback ensures a long-term quality-check of the clinics and provides us detailed data about the individual progress. Every patient may contribute to the success of future patients as your input has significant impact on other hair transplants. 

New: Preffered option - reply and case assessment within 3 days for a small fee of 50 Euro

As mentioned above the online consultation at HAIRFORLIFE is absolutely free of charge and without further commitments for my patients!

But is getting a lot of inquiries daily and individual case assessments and mail replies, however, takes a lot of time and are very time-intensive. The owner of Andreas Krämer always handles all the case assessments and mails personally. Additional Andreas Krämer has a lot of clinic visits/business appointments. Therefore replies can take more then 2 - 3 weeks or more. We also can not guarantee for an answer and we ask you for your understanding!  

Preffered option - reply and case assessment within 3 days

For persons how have an very urgent concern, we are offering the „preferred option“ for a fast and guaranteed answer within 3 working days.

How to get the „Preferred Option – Personal Case Assessment within 3 days“?

Please visit our consultation form, pay the fee of € 50 (with paypal or via bank transfer) and fill out the online consultation form. Please make a note in the field „Other observations“. Write down your first and last name and note „Preference Option“.