Dr. Lars Heitmann Zurich Switzerland

Modern hair restoration in Zurich / Switzerland with Dr. Lars Heitmann (www.fue-haartransplantation.ch )

See Dr. Heitmann (right) and Andreas Kramer (left) during a procedure on the picture above

Andreas Krämer - besichtigt Haarverpflanzung

Zurich Switzerland: Dr. Lars Heitmann - Expert for Hair Transplant 

Dr. Lars Heitmann, seen on the TV-channel like "Sat1 Germany" or in Swiss SRF "Puls" and many other TV shows, is a German hair transplantation surgeon working and living in Zurich - Switzerland.

Dr. Lars Heitmann has been an experienced expert for hair transplant - hair restoration for many years.

Dr. Heitmann himself has experienced hair loss and undergone several hair transplant procedures. After the final result of his very first hair transplant was unsatisfying and unnatural he decided to exclusively focus his future work as a physician on hair restorations. After experiencing a number of bad hair transplants he decided to achieve natural and undetectable results including higher densities on his patients´ scalp.

Dr. Heitmann achieves good and aesthetically pleasing results as may be seen on the web (watch his website ) as well as on Youtube .

Dr. Heitmann is well known as an expert for hair transplantation after successfully achieving very natural results. Aesthetically pleasing hairlines and apparent densities are trademarks of his medical work. When applying "dense packing" on patients he skillfully uses finest devices as well as the famous "Lateral Slit Technique" inspired by Canadian and U.S. American hair surgeons.

FUE = follicular unit extraction (FUE)in Zurich Switzerland

Dr. Heitmann offers only the latest state-of-the-art method FUE. His clinic is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

See a patient with 70 FU´s per square centimeter

Dense Packing 70 FU´s pro qcm

See some examples from dr. heitmann`s work: 

Redistribution of 60 FU´s per square centimeter (performed by Dr. Lars Heitmann, Zurich - Switzerland), 1200 Follicular Units: 

1300 Follicular Units with FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction


Marco the case reported from the swiss tv channel "Puls - health magazine" (watch also "Hair transplant Swiss TV Report). Dr. Lars Heitmann with an repair follicular unit extraction hair transplant and 2500 Grafts


Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant 2000 Grafts


Read more about Dr. Heitmann and his rates on www.fue-haartransplantation.ch


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