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Dr. Bijan Feriduni mit Andreas Krämer - Hairforlife

See Andreas Krämer (left) and Dr. Bijan Feriduni (right)
Dr. Bijan Feriduni: Success and excellent results with hair transplantation
The German hair surgeon Dr. Bijan Feriduni has specialized in hair transplant for over 14 years. During this period he has performed more than 5000 successful hair transplants. Dr. Bijan Feriduni is one of the few German hair surgeons being reported repeatedly in international blogs on the web.
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Natural hairlines, Ultra Dense Packing, Lateral Slit Technique
Dr. Feriduni is famous for excellent design on natural hairlines achieved by an artistic and skillful work. He is intensively respecting any individual needs and desires of his patients. The vast repertoire of his work includes Ultra Dense Packing, Lateral Slit Technique, Trichophytic Closure and Stereo-microscopic Dissection.
Dr. Feriduni uses the surgical strip method (FUT) as well as the latest state-of-the-art method FUE and is able to perform a number of mega sessions between 3500 to 4000 grafts since he can refer to a well-trained, large and experienced medical team.
Dr. Bijan Feriduni is one of the few surgeons to restore eyebrows and eyelash.
Dr. Bijan Feriduni - Foundation for Reconstructive Hair Transplant

Dr. Bijan Feriduni is performing reconstructive hair restoration - hair transplant regularly applied on patients experiencing hair loss through accident, disease or inflammation. Since 2005 Dr. Feriduni´s Foundation offers one free a hair transplant every month to patients who have low budget and cannot afford the procedure. Find more about reconstructive hair restoration including two sample cases on "Reconstructive Hair Restoration " .
Dr. Bijan Feriduni: Competence, technology and experience - to the benefit of his patients
Dr. Feriduni shares his expertise and skills with other colleagues and is training hair surgeons as well as his staff meticulously in specific techniques. Furthermore Dr. Feriduni enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills on international training courses, conferences and meetings.
His team will ensure excellent service for your hair and health before, during and after each session. Sensitivity and individual care are keystones of the medical professionalism at Dr. Feriduni´s clinic. Dr. Feriduni treats every patient by the holistic maxim "take advantage of opportunities, avoid risks" - the patient, his desires, requirements and personal aims are always at the center of the clinic. This includes personal counseling and - of course - best personal treatment by Dr. Bijan Feriduni.

Andreas Krämer visiting the clinic of Dr. Bijan Feriduni in Hasselt, Belgium, near the German border:

Dr. Bijan Feriduni mit Andreas Krämer - Hairforlife während einer OP 1

Dr. Bijan Feriduni (2nd from left, back row) and Andreas Krämer (right)

Dr. Bijan Feriduni mit Andreas Krämer - Hairforlife während einer OP 2

See Dr. Bijan Feriduni on the picture above (back row, left) and Andreas Krämer (back row, 2nd from left)

Dr. Bijan Feriduni mit Andreas Krämer - Hairforlife 2

See Andreas Krämer (left) and Dr. Bijan Feriduni (right) in the clinic´s reception room

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