Hair Transplant Dense Packing

Haarlinie nach Haarverpflanzung nah - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

A restored hairline with 70 follicular units (FU) per square centimeter, naturally looking and dense.

"Dense Packing" can be performed to increase the density of hair. Any harvesting of follicular units must be planned meticulously regarding the individual limitation of a patient´s donor area. A virtually high density can be achieved on the recipient area. The natural density of male human beings varies between 60 to 110 FU (follicular units) per square centimeter. By the use of delicately manufactured devices including the physician´s personal artistic skills a maximum coverage of 80 FU´s per square centimeter and more can be achieved on balding areas, virtually resembling a natural apparent density.

However only patients with sufficient donor hair will qualify for dense packing. Limited donor and extensive baldness on the recipient site are less qualifying indications for dense packing. This is why every patient has to undergo a thorough investigation of available grafts prior to every hair transplant. The hair loss pattern will help to plan for a "worst case scenario" in case hair loss is progressing in the future. Since there is only limited supply of donor grafts every careful plan has to include a long term scenario.

The necessary density will vary from patient to patient as there are different textures, calibers, natural densities and colors contrasting to the skin. Some patients will only need a maximum coverage of 50 FU´s per square centimeter as their individual density around the unaffected and permanent zone is not any higher.

Restoration of approximately 60 FU´s per square centimeter (patient of Dr. Heitmann)

Patient before hair transplant:

Patient vor der Eigenhaarverflanzung - Dense Packing - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

Dense Packing with 60 FU´s per square centimeter

Maßband Dense Packing - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer

The result

Patient nach der Eigenhaarverpflanzung mit Dense Packing - Hair for life - Andreas Krämer