Preffered option

Due to its easy to find in the international Internet of we are getting a lot of inquiries. 

But case assessments and mail replies, however, takes a lot of time and are very time-intensive. The owner of Andreas Krämer always handles  all the case assessments and mails personally. Additional Andreas Krämer has a lot of clinic visits/business appointments. Therefore replies can take more then 2 - 3 weeks or more. We also can not guarantee for an answer and we ask you for your understanding!  

Preffered option - reply and case assessment within 3 days

For persons how have an very urgent concern, we are offering the „preferred option“ for a fast and guaranteed answer within 3 working days.

So you would like to get an individual case assessment and a detailed online consultation which does not allow any delay?

In this cases we offer a "preffered option" for a fee of € 50. 

How to get the „Preferred Option – Personal Case Assessment within 3 days“?

Please visit our consultation form, pay the fee of € 50 (with paypal or via bank transfer) and fill out the online consultation form. Please make a note in the field „Other observations“. Write down your first and last name and note „Preference Option“.