Strip and MMG 1997

"Strip & MMG" 1997 - My first experience with hair transplant

I personally had my first hair transplant in November 1997 at an clinic in german. The method chosen and performed was a typical strip surgery by choosing the mini-/micrografting-technique to redistribute donor hair. In order to achieve higher density at the receding hairline of my scalp a total of 250 mini-/micro-grafts have been extracted and relocated. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my first hair transplant available. The scar at the back side of my scalp has a total length of 7 cm and a width of 0.7 cm. During the early months after the transplant a progress of hair growth seemed to be significant. Eventually the final outcome of the hair transplant at this german clinic seemed rather unnatural after hair loss started to proceed and lots of preexisting hair felt off. The bundles of hair to be replaced to the balding hairline visibly appeared as mini-/micrograftings consisting of about 7 hairs each.