FUE Repair June 2004

In June 2004 (06/06/2004) I returned to the clinic in greece again.

Why have I chosen the clinic in greece, Athens again?

The first reason why I returned to Greece was the fact that the clinic proposed a goodwill repair-work for the failed hair transplant in June 2003. Another reason was a famous and leading surgeon to expect. An experienced doctor agreed to perform the correction of the failed hair transplant. When we both met his first comment on my scalp was "oh my god, what the hell have they done to you?"

He offered me a repair procedure as the angle and direction in which the hair started grow had to be changed. Furthermore too many follicular units with groupings of 3 or 4 hairs were placed immediately into the frontal hairline. In simple terms: my hairline had to be reconstructed.

We started to discuss the reasons for the bad result of the preceding hair transplant as I was curious about the "implanter" being used during this procedure. One of the main problems were lying in my very first hair restoration at the german clinc since all of the follicular units being transplanted have been placed in a wrong angle and started to grow into different directions. The second procedure simply followed this "pattern" and the surgeon placed every graft the same way the german clinic did before.

The new experienced doc who worked to this time for the greek clinic removed some of the mini-/micrografts as well as a number of multiple follicular units grouping in 3 or 4 hairs in the frontal hairline. His second step was to extract about 700 follicular units (70% consisting of 1 and 30% consisting of 2 hairs). 350 grafts were then placed on the left and another 350 grafts on the right site of the frontal hairline. The density to be achieved within the receding hairline turned out to yield between 50 or more follicular units per square-centimeter. I kindly asked him to save grafts since I wanted to care for further progression of hair loss and keep resources for subsequent procedures. The whole procedure took about 12 hours since every repair procedure is both time and labour intensive.

The final result was much better compared to my first two transplants as well as the healing process was diminished significantly. After 2-3 months some little redness was still noticed on the scalp. This was obvious due to the fact that numerous grafts had to be relocated from and to the recipient area. Besides the intensity of redness was not the same as before.

My personal situation today is much better as it was before. In addition, the greek clinic has been accommodating to offer me a repair procedure.

Have a look at the next two pictures taken in February 2004 and June 2004.



Right after the procedure, right side


Right after the procedure, left side


After removal, image 1


After removal, image 2 (On this picture you can see the linear scar from my first procedure. Also watch the scar of my second hair transplant using 1,2 mm punches above!


September 2004



(Watch the scar of my 2nd procedure via strip surgery! FUE extractors of 0,75 mm would not leave any visible scars behind)


(The dark spot on the right simply marks a failed attempt to cover up). On August 28th, 2004, the linear scar was treated by an turkey clinic.


October 2004 (One day after I shaved my hair again)


I shaved my hair regularly from the last procedure until the scar revision in August 2004 plus another hair transplant via FUE in November 2004. I have been waiting to let my hair grow back until this scheduled appointment. Click to see the results of my "FUE - FUI" repair procedure in June 2004" - "results"