FUE minimal procedure August and November 2004

In August and November 2004 I had two more hair transplants via FUE. After my very first strip surgery at an german clinic a linear scar was left behind at the back of my head. The first step was to place a little amount of grafts on the scar in order to make it less visible. In a second procedure during 2004 I planned to yield a higher density for the receding hairline.

Hair transplant on scar (scar revision) in August 2004:

Since my first hair transplant a linear scar of 7 cm length and 0,7 cm width remained visible on the back side of my scalp. I felt uncomfortable about the scar as I thought that everyone may detect a hair transplant. I went to an clinic in turkey in order to cover the scar with grafts and thus eliminate the visibility of the linear strip scar. As the the chance of growing yield on scars in the meantime is quite high I decided to ask for 243 follicular units to transplant. The restoration process was managed by lateral slits following the Hasson&Wong method (note: Hasson&Wong offer strip surgery only!). I was curious about the healing process since the skin on scars is different to the rest of the human body. As may be seen on the images my skin healed very quickly and naturally. Almost 10 days post procedure I didn´t notice any procedure signs.

Before scar revision (before and after shaving):

(After shaving you can easily notice the remaining marks of my first hair transplant via FUE using a 1,20 mm punch whereas the second FUE-procedure is less detectable since the surgeon was using a 0,75 mm punch. The dark spot on the right simply marks a failed attempt to cover up)

After scar revision (243 follicular units)


4 days after removal


8 days after removal (you may notice the natural healing process! 10 days later all the crusts felt off)

(Have a look at the different extraction areas by the doctor in turkey ( red frame) and by DHI (blue frame)


Scar 6 months later

As may be seen on the picture below the linear scar at the back lost its visible size as well as a few hair already started to grow.

Measured via microscope a total of 44 grafts per square centimeter (85%) started to grow within the first 6 months. I personally hope that the growing yield will rise, though I am quite satisfied with the present result.


"Minimal-FUE" - November 2004

By having a closer look on the images of my last hair transplant in June 2004 you can notice a little strip on the right side between relocated grafts and preexisting hair. I personally felt uncomfortable with the unnatural appearance. The area approximately covered 3,5 x 0,6 mm (= 2,1 square centimeters) of my scalp (actually not a"major issue"). I personally estimated a yield of remaining follicular units of about 20 FU´s per square centimeter so my next hair transplant on this area was planned with 80 FU´s to be relocated. The final yield to achieved was 60 FU´s per square centimeter! The whole process was done with 140 FU´s, separated into the left (60 FU´s) and the right (80´s) side of my receding hairline.

The healing process was as fast as during my scar revision. Almost 10 days post transplant no more visible sign of the procedure has been seen. As the lateral-slit-method has already become popular across the USA Europe started to follow.

The incisions on the recipient area started to heal much easier as when done by needles. Eventually there is no proven evidence which method is better since the individual healing process depends on the patient´s personal predispositions.

Image 1: Day before procedure (I apologize for the bad quality since there was no one around to take a picture of me)


Image on the left: Day of my procedure (As you may notice I shaved my hair in between


Image on the right: Day of my procedure

(80 grafts were placed in this area)


During the extraction


9 days later - left side


9 days later - right side


9 days later extraction