FUE 11/2003

In November 2003 I went to an hair transplant clinic in greece, to ask for another hair transplant by selecting the FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction). Unfortunately the final result of the next hair transplant turned out to be as unsatisfying as the first one.

Apparently the operating doctor at the clinic seemed to have only little experience about hair transplant. When arriving at the clinic in Greece, I wanted my first hair transplant to be removed respectively replaced by new grafts. However the surgeon advised me to simply transplant furthermore grafts into the same area in order to achieve a higher density. The first hair transplant would then no longer be detectable.

Anyway, another 200 grafts have been transplanted by using a special device called the "DHI - implanter" to reinsert the grafts in the receding hairline. Later this device left some visible holes in the skin. It seemed obvious that other patients of Dr. Zondos, using the "Implanter" regularly, did not have visible signs after a transplant like me. Apparently the surgeon´s skills and experience for the selected device turned out to be the key to success both for the extraction and the restoration process.

The implanter´s size, used for inserting as for removal, was 1.0 - 1.2 mm in diameter. Visible marks of the hair transplant have been left for 3 to 4 months after the procedure at the clinic in greece to be seen in red spots and irritation of the skin as well as inflammation which had to be healed by antibiotic ointment. Furthermore the angle and direction of many transplanted hairs appeared different to the residual hair on the scalp. Eventually most of the follicular units relocated to the receding hairline were grouping in 3 or even 4 hairs and thus affected the natural outcome.

To my personal view the area being chosen for the extraction was way too limited as this hair transplant is still visible whenever I shave my hair. Every hair transplantation expert is asked to meticulously define the extraction area and a maximum number of grafts to be transplanted to avoid visible scarring. I personally would shave the hair fully prior to a hair transplant. Many clinics offer hair transplants without shaving due to the fact that a shaven scalp will always have tremendous impact on the patient´s life afterwards. Be aware of the fact that only talented experts know how to extract and relocate grafts to an unshaven scalp as well as only a small number of grafts can be transplanted.

Hair Transplant in November 2003, Greece, Athens:

Have a look at my scalp - picture taken immediately before hair transplant at the clinic in Athens, September / October 2003


 This picture was taken post procedure at DHI Global in December 2003



 Taken in February 2004


After 3 months at the clinic in greece – left site