FUE 05/2005

In May 2005 another hair transplant was performed by another clinic in Turkey - Dr. Keser. A total of 610 FU were transplanted with the Fue hair transplant method. The major attention of this procedure was drawn to the receding hairline. In a first step approximately 250 grafts were placed hairline before another 110 grafts were placed in a second step on the linear scar at the back of my scalp.

Have a look at the picture of my scalp taken in March / April 2005:


Image First day after the procedure - front


Image First day after the procedure - extraction


Image 5 days after the procedure - front


Image 5 days later - extraction (after re-shaving a few days later).


Image Donor site 8 days after the procedure and second shaving


The Donor after 8 weeks 


This is a picture of me taken in January 2006. The hairline´s shape is now more linear while the middle of the front was trimmed. My whole hairline has changed significantly.