Online Consultation for Hair Transplant: The Hairforlife Counseling Center

As there is a vast variety of clinics performing hair restoration worldwide (please refer to doctors and Pricing ) there are numerous images and videos to be found on the web. Lots of patients have difficulties to understand the different methods and techniques of hair transplant and need help to find their way through a jungle of rates and prices. The purpose of Hairforlife is to inform these people and help them judge individual results.

Lots of the pictures published on the web represent the best results of a clinic and may leave a false impression about real expectations. A number of surgeons simply touch up images, show different angles and directions of the grafts, reflect a non-realistic contrast where there is none or present pictures before / after with and without flash.

Hair Transplant Online Consultation: Every individual situation requires a different treatment and surgeon

Selecting the right hair transplantation surgeon and the right method is one of the most important things to do.
Hairforlife wants to help you since we know criteria to judge the quality of surgeons and to distinguish the methods for hair transplantation!

Andreas Krämer personally met a number of qualified experts and will help patients to select the right clinic.
By experiencing hair loss and several hair transplants himself (see also Hair Transplant Andreas Krämer ) Andreas Krämer eventually became an expert for hair restoration and provides consultation and help.

Free Online Hair Transplant Consultation 

Hairforlife provides free consultation (no exclusive contract with clinics) and non-committing recommendation. Hairforlife also offers care before and after each procedure!