Gökhan Dogan

Goekhan Dogan Dr. Özgür Dr. John Cole

From left: Dr. Özgür, Dr. John Cole, Goekhan Dogan, an employee

The successful coordinator and manager for various famous clinics worldwide Gökhan Dogan was born on 01/17/1978 in Switzerland. After attending several studies in Switzerland he graduated very early while focusing his interest on medical research and development. During the last 7 years he was laying his main emphasis on the market development of plastic surgery as much as on counseling and contacting patients while exploring new strategies for marketing concepts.

In close cooperation with successfully working clinics in Turkey, Dubai and Thailand, he is now managing further development as much as implementation of new and state-of-the-art methods for medical treatment creating new quality standards based on their practical results. Due to his support famous and successfully operating clinics for hair restoration such as Hairplast (Dr. Keser) and the Hairline Clinic (HLC) of Dr. Özgür in Ankara/Turkey have been able to organize the distribution of their medical services globally.

His main focus currently is in operational support of international working clinics for plastic surgery, consulting and the personnel management as well as the staff training of several clinics to create outstanding quality standards and excellent final results.

Over the years Goekhan Dogan has not been active in consulting only but also has achieved a unique and indispensable knowledge through constant training by attending international congresses and visiting numerous clinics and surgeons worldwide. By regularly visiting and contacting medical doctors and clinics he is able to offer new and modern medical approaches on cosmetic surgery as well as to contribute to an innovative development of the treatment technology being obtained by patients on medical tourism.