About Andreas Krämer

Andreas Krämer, owner of HAIRFORLIFE is 39 years old, born in Saarbrücken, Germany, and now living in Ermatingen, Switzerland. By the age of 17 he started to worry about his hair status as he experienced a receding hairline by the age of 22. At this point of his life he no longer wanted to accept furthermore baldness in his life.

In 1997 he decided to ask for his first hair transplant and has, since then, experienced a number of subsequent procedures performing several methods and techniques with varying results (see also hair transplants Andreas Krämer ).

Being involved with hair transplant for years Andreas Krämer has visited and examined numerous clinics, hospitals and doctors for hair restoration worldwide (please refer to clinic visits Andreas Krämer). He participates in conferences regularly and is able to judge results and surgeons and give expert advice.

Hairforlife - Consultations since 2004

During a personal consultation Andreas Krämer will provide knowledge and experience about hair restoration to other people experiencing hair loss. The main purpose of Hairforlife is to inform patients about the vast issue of hair transplant and find the appropriate surgeon for every individual case. Next to mediation and scheduling hair transplants Hairforlife will also care for his patients before and after any procedure.

Hairforlife and Andreas Krämer in the media

Andreas Krämer has been on TV several times to inform the public about hair transplantations. His last appearance was in 2012 (watch Andreas Krämer on TV ) on German TV ("ZDF") after further appearances at "Tagesschau SF" (Swiss TV), "Puls", "SAT1, "SWR" and "3Sat".

Online Consultations

Andreas Krämer provides consultations to patients who don´t have time and chance to visit his office in Switzerland. Read more about our online consultation!