Hair Transplant Information, Facts, Cost and Online Consultation

Humans of both sexes (men and women > hair transplant women) are experiencing hair loss and receding hairline worldwide. 

Hair transplant is an effective, careless and fast method to restore hair and self-confidence (read more Hair Transplant Information). Actually a rising number of celebrities are asking for hair transplants, such as Silvio Berlusconi, England´s football star Wayne Rooney or even the German football coach Jürgen Klopp and the german fdp politician Christian Lindner. Another famous fashion designer, Harald Glööcker from germany, has recently been told to opt for a hair transplant (hair restoration).

Hairforlife as an Expert from Germany for Hair Restoration and located in Europe Switzerland will find a solution for your hair problem!

Andreas Krämer, the owner of Hairforlife, stays in contact with numerous hair surgeons in europe (EU) like germany, austria, but also clinics in switzerland, asia, usa respectively clinics worldwide (> clinic visits andreas krämer). 

As he is working as a consultant for hair restoration since 2004 he will help you to find the right physician for hair restoration. Being a free and independent consultant he is not bound to any contracts with clinics or physicians. He is able to name and recommend you a hair surgeon to meet your individual expectations.  

Andreas Krämer from Germany: From a victim of hair loss, for other victims

When experiencing a receding hairline at the age of 22 Andreas Krämer from Germany first became concerned about hair loss. At the present time he is generously offering consultations for hair transplantation, knows about medications and is able to schedule hair transplants for patients with excellent and professional hair surgeons in germany, austria, switzerland, europe and worldwide. He will also care for his clients before and after the procedure (see also > hair transplant andreas krämer).

Hairforlife / Andreas Krämer - Highlights and Facts:

  • Many years of experience
  • Professional consultations for hair transplant - hair restoration
  • Intensive and personal patient care (before and post transplant)
  • Famous on TV for media appearances at Spiegel, ZDF, Health Check Up Magazine, SF Tagesschau, Pulse Health Magazine, Sat 1, 3 Sat, SWF, ARD (read also > Media appearances)
  • Independent, objective and complimentary advice 
  • Contact to numerous fut and fue clinics and hair surgeons in germany, switzerland, austria, europe (EU), asia and worldwide (see also > clinic visits)
  • Constant clinic visits and reviews
  • Attendance at international conferences for hair restoration
  • Complimentary Online consultations (read also Financing of Hairforlife )

Behind the scenes: Cost of a hair transplant and why consultations?

There hair transplant industry displays a vast and non-transparent market for patients who simply want to restore self-confidence with a head full of hair and often do not know about the methods and the quality of a clinic. In countries like Germany, Austria or Switzerland (West Europe ) the cost of a hair transplant (hair transplant cost) is much higher and an expensive issue. Several clinics from Turkey and other countries offer lower rates but leave the patient in doubt about the methods and technologies applied when scheduling a procedure. Any cost calculation is based on the quality of the result and the individual amount of grafts needed. Andreas Krämer with Hairforlife is offering personal consultations to give you answers about the cost of a hair transplant, the different methods being necessary to meet your personal expectations, the clinics´ hygiene standards and the final results of various hair surgeons. He will personally and courteously take care of his patients before and after any hair transplant and give you insight information about each clinic. 

Everyone asking for hair transplant should be aware of the fact that any personal hair status requires its individual method and hair surgeon. As an independent consultant without any exclusive contracts to clinics and firms Andreas Krämer may find a tailored solution to your personal situation (read more about the Hairforlife Hair Transplant Consultation).

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